Woke up today in my comfortable bed in my blue coloured wallpaper bedroom as usually thinking today would be boring and feeling dull same like the last few days before because I have nothing to do actually during the holidays for the time being. I should try to carry my big fat ass and try to search for a job and learn to be independent for a while. But eventually I think why should I? I just then would not have the time to spend my holidays relaxing and enjoying with my friends. But then something just hit me, why do I keep thinking all these irrelevant things in my thick skull. Why I can't just be grateful that I am having a holiday compare to some of my friends who is now struggling for their final examination. I think the time have come for me to have an “attitude of gratitude'
I should be saying that “ I am so happy and grateful now that I am on a long holiday and I can eat
mouth watering food compare to the food serve at my college" Not to mention grateful that my country is at peace even though the economy is slow moving. I’ve read the latest news online and saw what is happening in Mumbai and Thailand where these country is at chaos. At Mumbai where there is a terrifying attack occurred that last for 60 hours.
Not forgetting Thailand where 3000 tourist is held hostage at the Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Airport by the anti- government until the President of Thailand resign.
Not to mention the war in Iraq and Palestine where innocent people is being killed every day. Thank god i can go out everyday having not to worried being bomb or shoot at by US Army or thinking that is this my last day living in this world. I think this world would be a better place for everyone to live in if everyone have the "attitude of gratitude". Don't you think so? It's not so hard to just say Alhamdulillah for muslims and thank you for non muslims everyday is it?



Owh setelah lama bermimpi2 untuk memiliki I - Pod Touch yg baru 32 GB.Satu keazaman baru untuk mengumpul duit untuk memiliknya telah lahir dari sanubariku (cewah poyo je).Lepas tu saja2 jela windows shopping kat Pavilion kat kedai jual barangan apple dan check2 price dia kat internet dengan kelajuan lembab tahap siput babi punya datuknya utk tgk2 harga dia.Selepas membuka page machines (kedai jualan barangan apple).tgk2 harga dia RM 1,629 susah je nak sebut harga duit tu jadi rasa cam mahal je.haha...tapi bler tgk gambar dia letak the funnest i pod ever,rasa tidak ingin berputus asa muncul.

Kemudian pergi check tabung yang pernah aku mengisinya dengan duit zaman muda - muda dulu(tu pon duit raya) dan tgk isi kandungannya.Dan di bandingankan dengan harga I-Pod tu..rasa...rasa...sgt hampa (T-T)...nak kerja tapi mengikut pengalaman mencari kerja selepas habis SPM dulu asyik kena reject je mungkin sbb diorg takut tgk saiz diameter perut aku kot so malasla nak carik lagi..cuma boleh berdoa result sem ni memberangsangkan so bolehlah buat muka2 cute dan tak malu mintak papa dan mama duit tuk membelinya..tapi kalau result cam hampeh taik kucing..still tebalkan muka dan buat tak malu mintak..mintak kena ceramah jela nanti hahaha...

Getting Started


This is my first time to write a blog so please ignore my silly grammar mistakes and etc because i have no writing a blog experience or what so ever.Thank you. I will try to write down all my sweet and sorrow memories on this blog.Till then take care