About life from my perspective


A successful person life is not measured by how they lived
but rather what they manage to accomplish before their death..

Looking back,
My life has been nothing but failures,

Not scoring good grades everytime,
Unable to save my friend,
And unable to repay my parents deeds by being the smartest or richest son they could ever had...

Compare to other great people that had their name written and crave in history,
my actions are trifling,
insignificant things indeed..

I wish I could have died like some of the great people that live before,
they died a long time ago but remembered throughout time,

A tale is only goods as it final turns of events,
the plot twist,

Failure must be seen as mere amusements,
They are trials , which hone your skills..

I lived believing that..

And in return,
I swore I would accomplish a deed so great,
That it would obliterate all of my failures...

And I died as a successful person