Today's Reunion Activity is...Eat Eat Eat!!

First went to pick up Afik which only take 5 seconds by car from my house to his house..then went to pick up anis which took least than a minute to get to her home..then went to pick up alyana who stays at ampang(that took longer than 15 minutes).Then went to NZ..waited for azri to come after he finished shopping with his sisterLocation:NZ

Then went straight away to Pizza San Francisco which located just around the corner
.This time Rizwan decided to join in after he went to Genting.
Location:Pizza San Francisco
After that went to Lojing Height for a while so that azri can take his car.And then all the 6 of us went to Ampang View.Can u guess what did we do there?..Of course to eat yet again ahaha

Location:Ampang View Point
Selepas kejadian ini,Alhamdulillah tiada laporan dibuat mengenai kes pecah perut akibat pemakanan yang terlampau..p/s:mintak2 Allah memaafkan aku kerana minum coca cola pada malam itu

Happy Chinease New Year


Wow dah lama tak tulis blog.Rasanya sejak zaman tok kaduk lagi rasanya since i last updatd my blog.Sorry semua(poyo..ceyh cam ada org je minat nak baca blog ni)..iskh2 busy busy busy je sejak kebelakangan ni..nasib baik tgh cuti tahun baru cina so dptlah melepaskan stress kat umah dan internet tersayang hahaha..tq chinease people 4 making malaysia bg holiday this week haha..without u no chinease holiday 4 me so i wish u happy chinease new year :)